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5 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key

How do you unlock a door without a key?

There are a few different techniques on unlocking a door without the key. We will describe the usual doors, not high security or sliding doors.


1. For the most basic doors, usually like an apartment room ones you try to open it with sliding a credit card. Push the card between the frame and the lock and force against the frame to create a little opening. With the right angle, push it harder so you can open the door, you can use the help of another card or a knife if there is not enough pushing power.

2. Remove the hinges: Easy process if you have a screwdriver handy. Simply unscrew the top and bottom pins (or only one of them is that it will create enough space to pass).

3. Some handles have a little round whole. Insert something tiny in there like a toothpick and push it will open the door. That's the easiest way, but not all the locks have that whole.

4. You can drill the lock, but remember that there is no way back. You will have to install a new one afterward.

5. Try to pick the lock with a paper clip. Make an "L" shape from the clips. Insert 2 of them into the lock and move it to the sides.

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