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A story of a restaurant re-keying in Los Angeles

A few months ago, mid-February 2020, we got a phone call from an upset restaurant owner in Los Angeles. It took him over 10 minutes to share with us how upset he is and his difficulties. He found out that there are multiply employees who are stealing from him, and only 2 of his managers that he completely trusts them with his eyes closed. Some of the bartenders were caught stealing liqueur, and some cooks were stealing grade-A steaks from the fridge and other storage room issues.

We send one of the pros to the restaurant to offer a few different solutions that came up to our minds (and our minds are great here). We created a few sets of different keys.

One of the trusted employees is the bar manager, who got a key that can open the liquor storage, and the restaurant entry door. The chef, who is the other trusted employee, got a key that will open all the fridges, the storage room, and the restaurant door. He won't be able to open the alcohol storage, and the bar manager won't be able to open the fridges. The owner got a master key that can open all the locks in the restaurant, and extra sets of keys that can open only the main door. One of these keys will be used by the hood cleaning maintenance company that is coming once every two weeks during the night.

restaurant locksmith
restaurant locksmith

We had a feeling that with this separation, he will be safer and will able to track who is using the essential areas of his business. Only specific employees can open the drinks storage and the fridges, which will avoid the uncomfortable situation of inventory lost.

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