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24 Hours Locksmith Services:
Nothing Is Too Big or Too Small For Us

Los Angeles Locksmith Services

Do you need a Locksmith? Have you locked yourself out of your car, house, or office? Did you lose your car key?
We offer 24/7 emergency and non-emergency doors & locks services.
Any time, any place that you need us all over L-A. We specialize in all types of locksmith services: residential, commercial, automotive, and industrial, with years of experience.

Our standards of excellence and customer satisfaction keep us on the market with such high competition. It is always a good idea to have a number of locksmith companies saved in your contacts. We hope that you will never need us, but you never know when to expect it, so save 818-835-5959.

Call us today. We are open 24 hours!

We don't play around while your door looks like it might be broken. 

In a matter of hours, your problem will be a bad dream! 

Our Solutions


We love our job: Our business was established long before others started to learn what locksmith is. Our motto is simple: "Measure twice, cut once." Clients are essential to us, and no matter what, we get our job done to gratify 

everyone. A smile on your face makes a million locks for us!

Locksmith Near Me:

Locksmith Near Me is one of the most frequently searched terms across search engines and social media platforms. Whether you've accidentally locked yourself out of your apartment, left your car key inside your vehicle, are considering upgrading to a smart lock, or need to re-key the locks on your business doors, your automatic response is likely to reach for your phone and search for a reliable locksmith nearby.


this and every hustling and bustling modern street of Downtown LA, the elegant views of Santa Monica, or in all those historic lanes of Pasadena, entering "a locksmith near me" means to find the one that knows your respective needs and is just a call away. Our services span across Los Angeles, ensuring that no matter where you find yourself, help is on the way.

At Los Angeles Locksmith, we're dedicated to promptly and professionally addressing your residential and commercial locksmith needs.
If you need a locksmith near me, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 818-835-5959.

Our team is equipped to assist you with a comprehensive range of services, including:
House unlocking, unlocking your car, sliding door locks, garage door keys, deadbolt installation, safe installation, security systems, re-keying, duplicating a car key, programming a car key, cylinder repair, microchip car keys, changing door locks, and much more!

Our coverage area includes the entire city of Los Angeles and its surroundings, especially San Fernando Valley. Yes, during the traffic rush times, our dispatching times might be a little longer, but we will usually be there to assist you within 45 minutes or less.


Locksmith Services all Over Los Angeles

We don't recommend messing with the locks yourself. You can damage them and find yourself outside of your property in the middle of the night. The last thing you want to do is not use a professional.

You need to keep a gold locksmith close, no matter what! You never know when you might need his services. That's why you must keep your number on your phone, wallet, purse, and car; bad things always happen when you expect less.

Get a preliminary estimation of costs. We don't get paid $10 to install or repair a lock to attract clients, and we don't get paid $150 for 3 minutes of work either. Our dispatch will always have additional information, such as certifications, free estimates, and more.

Have you experienced the worst things, like having a broken key in your car or your home door lock when rushing to do certain things? This unfortunate incident is inevitable; therefore, a reliable and trusted service is required.

We offer services for residential, commercial, and automotive customers. We provide installation, re-keying, emergency trunk opening, and keyless programming services. Our keys and locks are from higher quality standards and will be permanently installed with a warranty.
We are well known for our expertise in solving lock and key problems. Our team is available around the clock, all over town.

Many customers who have already tried us are happy and satisfied. The majority of our customers will highly recommend us and choose us as their home security lock provider.

Feel free to check out some other site pages, and remember: Your feedback is important to us!

We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality locksmith services without worrying about excessive costs. We strive to maintain competitive pricing while delivering top-notch service to our valued customers across Los Angeles.

Whether you're facing a lockout situation, need to upgrade your security system, or require assistance with key duplication, our team of skilled locksmiths is here to help.

Don't let locksmith issues disrupt your day. Trust the affordable locksmith experts at Los Angeles Locksmith Services to provide you with reliable solutions at a price you can afford. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

Your Safety & Security is Our Priority

Enhance Your Home's Security and Style with Premium Hardware Solutions

Elevate your home's security with top-of-the-line hardware solutions. At our establishment, we exclusively offer premium quality deadlocks, window locks, and more to ensure your peace of mind and property safety. Whether you have a specific style or product in mind, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Visit us today and consult with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to explore our wide range of options at competitive locksmith prices.

Streamline Your Security with Master Key and Restricted Key Systems

With our master key systems, you can simplify your life and strengthen your daily security. With just one universal key, you can effortlessly access every door across multiple properties while maintaining control over others' access. For added security measures, our Restricted Key Systems provide an extra layer of protection by preventing unauthorized duplicates.

Embrace Key-less Entry and Access Control Systems for Convenience and Security

Bid farewell to the hassle and expense of lost keys with our access Control Systems. Enjoy key-less entry and instant permission management, allowing you to control access to your property effortlessly. Schedule your complimentary consultation today and discover our innovative systems' convenience and security benefits.

Trust in Our Expertise for Your Safe and Vault Needs

Rest assured, your valuables will be protected with our premium safe and vault solutions. Our team of highly skilled, fully licensed, and experienced safe locksmiths is proud to serve the Los Angeles area. Whether you need assistance selecting and installing a new safe or on-site support for your home or business, we are your trusted safe and vault specialists. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and budget, and let us provide you with peace of mind.


Andy, Yelp

Keep Calm Locksmith.    Excellent emergency home service, great guy ( Johnny),  very determined.   Got into the property that had very difficult locks

I got locked out my house last night and called Los Angeles locksmith I was hesitant to call a locksmith because usually they take a long time but the technician came within 15 minutes. He gave me a great price

My fault! Locked myself out of the house.  knocked on my neighbors door to use her phone. The guy was there in 15 min, problem solved. Super nice guy (sorry, don't remember the name). Highly recommended, great service

Mia, Yelp
V.A, Yellow Pages

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Los Angeles Locksmith Services
Los Angeles Locksmith Services
Los Angeles Locksmith Services
Los Angeles Locksmith Services
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